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    Last time I checked, the Music folder is suppose to hold songs right? for some reason, my songs aren't showing up in the folder in the usb folder but I can still play them on my phone. I was trying to back up all of my files since I wanted to trade in my pre due to frequent crashes but I realized all of my songs as well as all of my pictures were missing. All the songs do show up in media sync though and all the folders seem to be fine including the ones containing my wallpapers and downloads which is kind of weird.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to get the stuff back?

    Ps. I did do a battery swap because my other battery was malfunctioning and did not display the correct time, not sure if that makes a difference in all this.
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    I'm not exactly sure of the answer to your problem, but I do have some ideas. I know the pics are in the DCIM folder. As far as music, try looking around in the other folders. If you're browsing from a pc, make sure you have it to display hidden folders. Internalz is a good app to use to browse through other parts of the phone.

    If the music app is showing the songs, then they are there somewhere...

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