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    well i installed 2 themes on my phone and they're overlapping each other so i was going to try and restore the themes to factory settings. the only catch is when i plug the usb drive into the phone and computer it just charges... doesnt give me an option for usb or just charge etc. any help???

    so yea in case ur wonderin... im stuck with 2 themes HELP!!!
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    Pressing Function (the orange button under 'A') + Sym + U all at the same time puts the Pre into USB drive mode... Actually though, if all you're looking for is to connect to it with WebOS Quick Install or the WebOS Repair Utility, all you need is the "Just Charge" mode.

    It could also be that the USB cable isn't connected properly to your computer, I just experienced that when plugging in to verify the Fn+Sym+U sequence while writing this post. The Pre was getting power but the data lines on the USB connector must not have seated properly because the PC didn't acknowledge that the Pre was plugged in and vice versa. When I unplugged and replugged the USB cable at both ends, the familiar 'what do you want to do?' menu appeared on the Pre and all was well, and Fn-Sym-U worked to kick it into USB Drive mode after I selected Just Charge and dismissed the notification...
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    well now its actin right, but when i choose just charge and go to web os quick installer it says my device cant be located... uhhh idk what to do.
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    is your phone in developer mode?

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