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    hi everyone
    got my palm pre yesterday and i have to say "VERY HAPPY".... but went in to updates and it prompted me download a new update . since i have done this it wont download from apps catalogue or file coaster .. i have tried to do the soft reset and remove battery etc .... still no luck ... when i purchased it ,it didnot come with a cd to load with it either ... i am not that great with computers like you guys by the sounds of things but happy to learn a bit more than i know at present as i think i am missing out with this phone as there is so much this thing does .... when i try to download it comes up with download error and it says a few adjustments need to be made before it can download and it then asks you to reset phone and this dont work either , seen a thread about webos doctor WOULD THIS HELP ! AND WHERE CAN I GET IT
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    delete file coaster or whatever your using and try downloading it again. Also open web browser and swipe down fromtop left and then hit the preferences button and scroll down and clear cache and clear cookies and then try the app catalog again .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Use the Emergency Migration Helper which can be found in the Linux Application section on Preware and it should take care of everything. The Emergency Migration Helper can also be found in WebOS Quick Install. It is designed to handle moving the apps to their new location.When Palm updated WebOS they changed the location of the applications. Palm moves its own apps, but any homebrew apps (such as Filecoaster) need to be moved separately. The helper takes care of that.
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    Absolutely use the migration helper. Best fix ever

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