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    I have a hardware issue on my Pre (headphone jack is sporadically activated), and I am about to take it to my Sprint store to get a replacement. Is it necessary to remove my patches and homebrew apps before doing this?

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    Thanks toburg, but I've seen that thread already, and it doesn't apply to my problem. I just want to know whether I ought to remove patches before bringing in the phone.
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    Guess I misunderstood your question. I would remove the patches because they may blame the patches and not the hardware. Experienced it myself. Good luck.
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    It really depends on the reps at the store you're going to... if you know them well and have spoken with them before, they probably won't care. If you're going in unknown, I would Doctor it back to stock before taking it in. ha
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    Yeah your best net is to just remove everything (patches/themes/homebrew)
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