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    Thanks to users "Rennat", "Preman", and "vkewalra" it lead me to figuring this out.

    While Rennat's and vkewlra's fix of tightening the screws in the back did tighten the slider and help a bunch, it still left a bit of a wobble. I didn't really like the idea of adding hot glue (or glue to the slider mechanism like on some other post i read).

    Then came Preman's post of what he did, and it made me think of something.

    Step 1:

    Tighten the screws in the back with a T5 screwdriver like in vkewlra's Post (

    Step 2:

    Cut 4 or 5, 2 inch strips of electrical tape. Stack them so you get
    one fat strip.
    With the phone slider open and facing you; and sticky side of
    tape facing you as well. Slide the strip of tape up underneath the
    slider right below the center button. (it'll only slide halfway up).
    Now, close the slider and squeeze the end of the phone so that
    the tape sticks to the underside of the screen.
    Use a razor blade or x-acto knife to trip off the excess tape.

    If you do it right, you shouldn't even notice the tape there and best part is if you need to take it into Sprint for any reason, the tape is easily removable.

    Lemme know what you think guys!
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    Wata go to get them brain cell pumping!!!!
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    did something like this
    with pic's and video

    also added a little glue in the video
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    I only did step two. It's amazing how well it's worked. Too bad the build quality requires these fixes but my Pre is rock solid now.
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    have any pic's on this?
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    Sounds great! Gotta try this because that small wiggle room really irks me!! The build quality sucks for such a kick *** device!
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    I had an issue with the slider getting stuck once the tape was on. Am I doing something wrong?
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    I just used a small flat blade screw driver and bent the right rail just a bit, and tightened the screws and its awesome.
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    Gonna give it a go. Thanks for the tip
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    I only did step two of this fix, as I didn't have the right screwdriver and didn't want to strip the screws. Had some trouble getting the tape in there all the way, but when I finally did, I also did the apply-pressure-to-the-four-corners-and-slide-twice thing. My Pre is feeling pretty solid now. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by threefiftyli View Post
    I had an issue with the slider getting stuck once the tape was on. Am I doing something wrong?
    Did you use two-sided tape?
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    You guys can fit tape in there? I'd return it, Palm has plenty of extra inventory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmogren View Post
    You guys can fit tape in there? I'd return it, Palm has plenty of extra inventory.
    Yeah had a few of those when I was at the Bell store. They didn't even make it out the door with me.

    But I'm sure the Bell store is just putting then back on the shelf and waiting for another customer.
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    Brilliant and just the kind of soloution I was looking for. I dropped my lastest Pre this morning and the slider seemed to have loosend off quite a bit with the impact.

    I actually put about 3 2 inch bits under they keypad and then 3 on the bit of black plastic above the mental bit on the back.

    This made sure I had an even gap all the way along between the front and the back.

    Thanks very much Hernie much better than glue on the side of the kepad!
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