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    There is a strange, new stereo sound issue with my Pre. The Pre speaker is only playing the RIGHT sound channel. Wired earphones play both left and right correctly at the same volume. My Plantronics 855 BT headset plays the right channel louder than the left (not good.) And, my Sony DR-BT140Q BT headphones play left and right at the same volume (but I don't like them as well as the Plantronics.)
    I think this just started happening, around the time of the update. But, I also added a few patches just before that update (battery as %, landscape email, unthrotle, multi-mod download).
    I was beginning to think my Plantronics headset was defective. But, then I noticed the Pre internal speaker played nothing from the left stereo sound channel. Is that normal for the Pre speaker?
    Anyone else having different volumes from left/right stereo sound?

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    I had the same problem. The phone thought that one channel of the headset was plugged in at all times. Then it started to get worse. It started to garble my phone calls then finally wouldn't let me toggle out of headset mode in the phone app.

    I ended up swapping my Pre out.....problem solved. Hope you have insurance, but if you have no scratches or drop marks they should exchange it, no problem.

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