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    I did a search for this and nothing came up and haven't seen PreCentral do a review on this or even mention it so I'm posting it House of Palm and if your into hip-hop/Rap do a search for DatPiff they developed a webos app and it is amazing
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    Looks like just a feed of the Palm Catalog, same as you can get here on Precentral and on Preware
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    yeah i know but it's palms official site
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    Quote Originally Posted by youngusaplaya View Post
    yeah i know but it's palms official site
    From the footer:
    Quote Originally Posted by
    House of Palm is not a property of Palm Inc and should not be misled to be a Palm Inc entity.
    Appetite |*Stuff Your Palm is the Palm version ....

    Nice app though, thanks
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    I was looking for this too!

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