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    I've had my Pre for about six weeks and the Calendar app has been working great, synched to both my Exchange and Google accounts. The last couple of days it just stopped displaying anything. I can create an event on the Pre and it shows up in Google calendar, but just not displaying on the Pre. I tried restarting Pre and still not seeing anything. Seems like I might have reset something by accident, but I can't find any controls for this. All calendarr accounts are "on." Any ideas? I miss my calendar...
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    Found this issue on Palm's support page (guess I should have checked there first): "When the year changed to 2010, this affected the Calendar application’s ability to correctly display events in the Calendar application." Unbelievable! Problem is corrected with upgrade to webOS version

    Here's the Palm support URL, I don't have enough posts to include a link in my response:

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