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    I hooked my phone to USB, selected USB hung...pulled the cable...waited minutes...would not respond to power button OR orange+sym+r...pulled battery....waited a bit, reinserted...stuck at Palm logo (solid)

    What should I do from here?
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    i got stuck at palm logo today too, different chain of events. my first battery pull didnt fix it, i think i did it three times total before it FINALLY reset
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    try a battery pull but give it a minute or two before re-inserting
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    try a battery pull but give it a minute or two before re-inserting


    The reason you have to wait a bit when disconnecting power or removing batteries to reset a device is that there are capacitors in the electronics that store energy and can discharge rapidly under high demand and slowly when under low demand. Until these caps. drain of power an electronic device will not reset. There is still energy in the circuit. It can take as little as 10 - 30 seconds in the case of ie... a modem or sometimes hours with some odd devices, maybe your phone. Only time will tell

    One way I go mine to reset once was using the "PALM" direct wall plug and rebooting it while plugged in. Maybe the high quality current helped. Yet there was another time I just had to leave the battery out for a bit. Maybe 10 mins.
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    glad for someone to agree
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    Haha, make sure the charger plug is out when you do a battery pull.
    I made that dumb mistake once =/
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    Haha...update...while it was sitting at the "Palm" logo, about 3 minutes in I did orange+sym+r and it restarted, when it did...all was fine.

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