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    Got one for you guys.
    I think it's a "new one"

    I Webdoctored my Pre, (huge mistake) now when I go to delete any of my contacts they delete....then in exactly 5 seconds... they return.
    To make it odder still ....the contacts have no data behind them...meaning the phone numbers etc are gone. If I try to open the contact it opens for 1 second then brings me back to the contact page, so I cannot even edit the contact.
    If I try to create a new contact with the same name, it lets me without overwriting the first now I have two with EXACTLY the same name.

    Any thoughts on how best to proceed would be appreciated.

    I am convinced that I have lost most of my contacts and can live with that, but how can I remove the contacts that are NOT linked?

    Love my Pre but I think being a phone is it's weakest feature.
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    I just added pre ware and was told there were apps that allowed you to swipe delete the contacts like you do with SMS. I was hoping that if anyone helped you out with your deleted contacts issue, they may know something about this app.
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    Yes...I use that app so that I can swipe delete contacts.
    No good. It's not helped

    Thanks for the idea though

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