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    A couple weeks ago I did a complete factory reset with WebDoctor, primarily to fix the partition tables which I wanted to revert after 1.3.5 came out. After doing the reset, I restored the /var and /media files which I backed up on my computer, which pretty much put the phone in the same state it was in before the doctor. However, there were a couple of lingering problems which I still haven't gotten to go away, so if anyone knows how to fix these, it would be much appreciated

    1. Gmail push does not work AT ALL. I've tried deleting my email account and making a new one, but to no avail. The only time it works is if my phone's screen is on and I have the email program open, but even then it fails to detect new email sometimes. The check every x minutes thing is just as unreliable. Pretty much the only way I can get new emails to show up is if I open the email program, press inbox and let it refresh. This is a huge bummer because now I don't get informed of new emails when my phone is off.

    2. There are two apps I had installed which started out in Preware but then became paid apps. These programs show up in the browser, but are greyed out, and listed as being 0 bytes when I try to delete them - when I delete them, they disappear, but reappear again after my phone is rebooted.

    3. All of my contacts whose avatars came from their facebook account show up with a white box instead of their photo. My contacts who have avatars from other sources still appear fine, and contacts without any avatar have the default cartoon head photo. I have tried resyncing with facebook but it hasn't helped - I have noticed that my friends who have changed their default photo within the last week or so have the new photo show up fine.
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    Thanks for all the help, everyone! /sarcasm

    I've reached the conclusion that the Pre really doesn't like you restoring your PalmDatabase.db3 file. While doing so will restore all of your conversations and your call history, it's also what activates the above problems. Now, is there some OTHER way to back up your old conversations, aside from the slow copy/paste/email method?
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    for the app issue maybe u can try the emergency migration tool in preware,

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