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    Ok, let me preface this with i'm not blaming the theme, it's just the only thing that I know changed since the last time the phonee worked properly...

    After the isntall, a few things happened. No longer gettign audio out fo external speaker for video, music player, or video, but am getting speakerphone, notifications (like charge) etc

    On a phone cal my earpeice no longer works (built in front speaker), but works normally with speakerphone. on calling phone i hear the ringtone but the preview for changing ringtones do not have audio

    I ran the hardware test and both speakers fully fuction and play test audio

    This si very frustrating.

    I already:

    1) uninstalled theme
    2) did restart
    3) did shut down / restart
    4) ran emergency patch recovery
    5) did the hold power flick ringer switch 6 times trick, which just locked the phone on the palm logo til i pulled the battery

    I'd really rather not do a partial or full erase or a device restart from web if I can avoid it.

    while msot of the patches are gone, some stayed like the new pages I added to launcher, and the homebrew apps themselves like wirc, preware itself, led notifcations quake, which also has no audio etc

    where do i go from here?

    as i said the hardware physically works in the palm hardware tests and under certain useages but not all apps

    any help is welcomed, sorry for any uncaught typo's going to bed

    p.s. all audio in all apps work through headset jack, no problems there
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    issue fixed, all it was was the phone had sensed a headset conencted falsly, just re-inserted a headset a few times, issues cleared up

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