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    My volume rocker no longer works due to dropping my pre on some asphalt (ugh). I can change ringer volume and systems sounds through sounds and ringtones the only thing I can't change is the media volume and the default volume level is pretty low. Is there any way to change the media volume without using the volume rocker? Any help would be greatly appreciated, still realing from the damage to my beloved Pre. Thanks
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    My volume buttons quit working too.

    I'd like to see an app that would replace the current "Sounds & Ringtones" app, with an added slider for media volume.

    Before both volume buttons quit, only the volume-down button worked. It would be nice if the new app could DISABLE the volume buttons and be able to set all volumes through software only.

    I'd pay $$ for this...
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    My UP volume will not work, however my down volume does work. Only thing new was the last update from Palm.

    I'm going to call customer care or go to a store

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