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    So...I dropped my Palm Pre on the ground yesterday and noticed that the LCD screen had cracked a little bit on the bottom left of the screen.

    My Pre now won't recognize taps near the bottom quarter of the screen (where the quicklaunch icons are), nor will it recognize any gestures. The top part of the screen works "better" than the bottom part of the screen, it will recognize most taps but occasionally the entire screen stops responding.

    Question is, should I cough up $100 for the insurance deductible or do you guys think I should try opening it up and seeing if I could fix it? I don't really know anything about how to fix it besides downloading a guide to disassembling the unit, but I'm just wondering if there isn't just some loose connection somewhere that I could resolder?

    Any ideas?
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    You should simply have it replaced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    You should simply have it replaced.
    Yeah, I know -- since it's the easy route. I was just hoping someone more knowledgeable than I might know something about the Pre's LCD/Digitizer, or to see if anyone thought it would be worth attempting to repair it.

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