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yes very good post !!
i was about to write s thread about how to setup your own personal cloud.
damnregister got all the info which are needed. i wonder why nobody is using or talking about this. it would make a big post for the frontpage of precentral.

however, my solution is not with zarafa which gives us a 2nd solution on how to escape the cloud, this time again from german guys. it really seems amercians arent concerned about all their personal data up in the cloud. but me also cant imagen one real big buisnessman using a public service like google.

well, they dont have to
zarafa or now: Tine 2.0 - Home

confirmed working with the pre..

maybe ill go write a howto...

I am desperately needing some help on making this work. How did you make it work? Exchange Synergy is refusing to accept normal url and I am getting invalid EAS server URL error.

I would appreciate some insignt into this. Seriously