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    Okay.....on the phone with Caller A, when I get a call from Caller B. I put Caller A on hold by clicking the blue (I think it is blue) transfer button and I'm now talking to Caller B. I tell Caller B I need to call him back later. I know I can hit the blue transfer button and go back to Caller A, but if I do that it doesn't hang up on Caller B. How do you go back to Caller A and hang up with Caller B? If you just transfer, then you haven't hang up the phone on Caller B. I worked on this with a friend tonight who also has a Pre and we could not figure it out. Thanks for any direction.
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    1. Make a first call, then make a second call. (This is the limit of conference callers. Check
    your service plan about conference calls.)
    2. Tap to create the conference call.
    3. When you’re done, do one of the following:
     Tap to end all calls.
     Ask one of the callers to hang up, so you can stay connected to the other caller.

    This is from Sprint user guide pg 93-94. Sounds like you have to ask A or B to hang up. And you can only talk to A or B one at a time on an incoming call.
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    In other words, there's no way to initial a hang-up of only one of the two calls.
    The other person must do it. It's a bizarre quirk of Sprint, and maybe
    all CDMA carriers.

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    I've been with Sprint for about 9 years and I think it has always been this way. But...I had an old Sanyo flip phone a few years back and I could end the call with caller B and the phone would "hangup" on both people. Then, within a couple seconds after hanging up, I would get a call from a blocked number and Caller A would still be there on hold as if nothing happened. I haven't tried this on the Pre yet...maybe it will work?
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    yea, I'm pretty sure it's not just a sprint or CDMA thing, I think the way call waiting works is that the other side has to hang up, that you can'd end the call with caller b yourself. I've never seen an "elegant" solution where you can press a button and hang up only one one caller.

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