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    Didn't see this anywhere in a quick search, so apologies if this has already been discussed...

    Tivo Desktop Plus 2.8 lists the Palm Pre as a supported device. You can transfer recordings from your Tivo to the Pre via the desktop software.

    Just tried and it works! Very nice.
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    How much compression do you get, and how quickly does it transfer? I have Tivo Desktop free version and use Roxio EMC to convert vids, but would spring for Tivo Desktop Plus if it's much more efficient. {Jonathan}
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    I have a few stupid off-topic questions. First off, what TiVo model do you have? Secondly, does the TiVo Desktop (paid or free) version let you download recordings that are tagged as "Protected" on the TiVo's web interface?

    The reason why I'm asking is because I have a TiVo HD (3rd gen), and 99% of the programming that it receives via our cable company comes in with the copy protection bit set on so that it can't be exported via the web interface. If the pay or free software will export recordings that are protected, it would be worth buying.....
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    I am wondering if it's worth to spring the $25 for the Tivo plus.
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    Free version works perfectly on my Tivo HD XL. Too bad you don't get Plus free... It seems like you are already paying a lot for service and the box... Why not throw in some software?
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