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    Greetings, Pre Central!

    Can some kind-hearted soul(s) please help me figure something out?

    I looked at a bunch of threads about how to get ringtones onto the pre, but I can't figure out how to pull all that info together and apply it to my particular conundrum. I'm not lazy...I suffer from cognitive deficits that sometimes make it difficult for me to assimilate some kinds of information. Like this kind.

    I got a Pre yesterday to replace my 755p. I'm totally new to using internet on a phone and am flummoxed as to how to get ringtones from a specific website onto my phone.

    I had fabulous wildlife sound ringtones (MP3) on my 755p, downloaded for FREE from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources website. I can't provide the link because I'm not allowed to post clickable links until I've made 5 different posts, and this is my first. Can someone let me know how to post the link? I don't want to force anyone to do the extra work of googling the site and navigating to the ringtones.

    According to the site, it looks like I have to have each ringtone sent to my phone as an SMS, then "click on" (touch) a link in the text message on my Pre to retrieve the file. Earlier today when I touched the link, I got an error message that I interpreted to mean that I didn't have the correct application to handle the file. But when I touched the link a few hours later after turning on WiFi, it doesn't even find the site.

    Could some kind soul please visit the website (after I find out how to post the link) and walk me through how to get a ringtone from the site onto my phone? I'd be so grateful!

    (I updated to the latest Pre WebOS, by the way.)

    thank you v.v.v. much,
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    If you have them on your computer you can put your Pre in USB mode. Go to my computer and see the folder/drive that says Pre, open that folder and you will see a ringtone folder, copy your files to your ringtone folder. GO back to my computer right click and eject drive and you now have access to your ringtones.
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    KY: Kentucky Dept Fish and Wildlife - Here's the link. I couldn't open sms on the phone either. I don't see anyway to download to computer, it's a Flash mp3 player.
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    For some reason the file that it downloads when you follow the link in the SMS is not an mp3, thats why it doesn't work. I figured out how to get the mp3 but it's kind of a pain. Firefox just wanted to play the file, but Internet Explorer allowed me to download the mp3.

    When you go to the site, click the Play button instead of sending it to your phone. This will open up a new window with the player. At the top of the window will be a URL like this: (I picked the duck one)

    http: // //

    Now take that URL and delete everything up to the question mark so you are left with this:

    Now copy that URL and open it in a new Internet Explorer window. It should ask if you want to open or save the file. Click save and then pick a folder to save it in. Make sure you remember where you saved it to, I just saved it to my desktop.

    Now connect your Pre to the computer and put it in USB Drive mode. Open up the ringtones folder and copy the file from your computer into this folder.

    Make sure you eject your Pre before you disconnect it and enjoy your ringtone(s).
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    Wow, thanks everyone! You all helped me get the tones on my phone. AND on my mom's Pre! I'm so delighted.

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