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    I need to update to the latest release ( ?) in order to fix problems with calendar syncing. Does anyone know if I have to remove all the applications and patch installed via Pre Central or WebOS Quick Install or just the patches? Do I have to go through this for both WebOSQI and Preware or will on do the removal for both?

    Is there a way to save a record of the patches installed before removing them, then re-install them automatically?
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    I have all the same questions. Just got a OTA request to update to but I haven't seen anything on the forum about it yet. Wondering what it is. I just took the time just a week ago to uninstall everything to get 1.3.5. Gotta do it again?
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    You only need to uninstall any patches having to do with email. Other than that, install and don't worry about it.

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