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    How do I change my Notification sound? I have multiple PRE's in my houshold and I look at my own phone when my daughter gets a text (and it happens alot) . Any help or input would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Oddly, there is no way to do that with WebOS as-is. However, you can patch your phone using the bevy of options from Homebrew (aka, non-Palm sanctioned) developers (aka geniuses!). If you do decide to try Homebrew, there is a process to getting it started, which is explained here:

    There are a few different options within Homebrew. You can download an app called "MyNotifications," which allows you to choose between different notification options, or even add your own tones/music. There is also a simple patch you can apply called "SMS Tone Per Contact" which allows you to not just change your notification and message tones, but also assign a different tone to different people, if you so desire.

    Warning: If you so choose to accept this mission, joining the Homebrew community can be addictive! :-) It's real fun...
    Also, read all instructions and actual warnings very carefully.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

    I heart my Pixi
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    Open your Messaging App. Tap Messaging>Preferences & Accounts>Sound>Ringtone then select a ringtone or you could go to and get free ringtones or SMS notifications. Have fun.
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    Well how wrong was I! I assumed the only way was through sounds and ringtones app, and there isn't an option from there until you patch it. Thanks lazslo for setting me straight :-)

    I still recommend checking out Homebrew though...lots of great stuff in there...

    I heart my Pixi
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    Thanks lazslo11 for the tip. Now to just find the right tone.....

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