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    So I know there are a couple of posts with this topic rolling around. I normally wouldn't post information that was available elseware in a new thread but I think the other posts are rather buried. So anyway. I upgraded to 1.3.5 and bam, battery drained like there's no tomorrow. Even with it on the charger *at work* I still had a dead battery before I got home. I had great battery life prior to the update. I read in another post that WiFi was to blame for this problem. I also read that Yahoo contacts could be the problem (not sure why). Since I use WiFi a lot I decided to just axe my yahoo contacts account and leave WiFi on. Two days later I can report that I went from 7am to 11pm and had 20% to spare. This is with above average web usage (thank you Engadget+CES), handfull of calls, and even using Torch LED as a shop light for about 30 min solid. Anyhow, just thought I'd share.

    - Phil -
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    I have the same issue and the same solution worked for me as well. Is this a known issue / fix that Palm is working on? Is anyone using Yahoo contacts successfully, without much additional battery drain?

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