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    Had my newest Pre for about a month now and it seems the volume button on the side is busted. Sometimes when pushing hard enough if does like to work but this takes ALOT of pushing. Anyone else having this problem, and any suggestions other than getting yet another replacement?
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    My volume button got stuck, I tried taking it apart & cleaning it. Nothing worked. Had to take it back to Sprint, they replaced it becuase it was a defect & still under the 1yr warranty.
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    I took mine to sprint and they replaced the volume buttons.
    my down volume was jammed.
    they said they also replaced the keyboard.
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    my volume up button is stuck, same as @exploshun, requires a tremendous amount of pushing to get it to work. i guess i'll have to take mine back, as well.
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    Taking it back is the only way if anyone has this problem. Hopefully Palm brings out trustier hardware in times to come.
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    My volume button is fine, it's my power button that's giving way. For such an awesome phone the build quality is very sub-par!!! Palm needs to fix that!!!

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