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    I have seen alot of people having this issue and not really getting a fast solution to the problem or are non computer people that dont know where to look so here it is in lamens terms!

    My experience:

    I was having issues with my pre already so I just ran webosDoctor for a clean start and then updated to 1.3.5 everything was great!
    then I installed Preware and then My tether, so far so good!

    I then started webos QI and tried to do some tweaks, when it said that it needed to install some gui and diff patches, I hit okay, but it didnt get to finish installing them before my computer shut off

    Now when I tried to connect my Pre to my computer or laptop or even my wall charger the USB port on the phone itself would not work at all or even charge, or be recognized for any matter by the computers, it was doing fine till the GUI and Diff patches atm any updating or patch repair via webos or comp was a major no go, and my phone wouldnt charge at all, a dead in the water Pre I thought!

    what to do if you cant even get the computer to recognize the Pre to run webosdoctor

    If you tried a partial or full reset, and you still cant even get the phone to work via usb then here is the fastest fix to get it goin!

    We are going to Force the Pre into Recovery mode!

    The best solution is to run the WebOSDoctor after doing Rmode to get the phone back to stock factory and running perfect again, then you can reinstall your apps n programs from there

    step 1
    turn your phone off

    step 2
    take out your battery, and then reinstall it

    step 3
    get your pre usb cable
    make sure the bigger usb end is plugged into the charger in a wall socket or a computer usb port

    now while holding the "UP" Volume button plug the smaller usb plug into the palm should see this symbol....when you do release the volume UP bitton and you are now in Recovery Mode, and can link to the computer to run a WebOsDocter restore or whatever you need to do

    any further info can be find here

    Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Revert your phone to a previous version of webOS
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