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    My phone provider offers a useful service to send me a sms with the numbers of callers that tried to contact me when the phone was not active but did not speak to my voicemail.

    With all me previous phones I was able to click the numbers to see the corresponding contact.
    With the Pre i can click the number to call the contact, but I won't see the name until I actually start the call.
    Is there a way to make the messaging program "translate" the numbers right away? (for ex. replace it right in the sms?)

    I hope theres an easy way I missed
    Thanks in advance!
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    the pre's missed-call notification banner at the bottom is actually made up of 2 parts.

    clicking on the red missed-call icon will take you to the missed call list, where you can click on the person icon in the right hand side, which will take you to that contact's info page.

    however, it's strange that you don't already see the contact's info from the missed-call notification banner if that contact is already in your contacts list. you should be seeing the name of the contact, not just the number.
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    This works fine when I missed a call and the phone was on - just as expected.

    However, when my phone is turned off and somebody tried to call me I won't get a notification - in that case my provider sends me an sms when I turn the phone back on - it sais for ex. "you missed 3 calls from 1234567" - when i open that sms the phonenumber is blue and underlined and when I click it the phone application opens with the number predialed.
    My problem is that the only way to find out who the number belongs to is to hit "dial", but I would prefer to know who the number belongs to right away if its in my contact list!
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    Maybe someone could try to send an sms to her/himself containing a phonenumber that is in their contacts to see if gets replaced by the name of the contact when reading the sms?
    Help would be very much appreciated!

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