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    My palm pre fell in the toilet and im wondering if anyone has any advice of what I should do!! I took the battery out right away and dried it off as much as possible. I currently have it in a tuperware with rice to absorb any moisture. Just wondering if there are any more tips anyone has!!
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    DO NOT PUT THE BATTERY BACK IN FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS! That's one of the keys right there - you were wise to put it in rice.

    Tomorrow when you take it out, examine it CAREFULLY - if there is any residual moisture, dry it off and then let it sit in the rice (or other desiccant) for another 24. If it seems dry, be careful putting it back together.

    It is possible that it may have survived, but I hope you have insurance!
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    The #1 warning I hear is not to turn it on for a good 48 hours after it's bath (risk of it shorting).

    I recall seeing a video of someone dropping their Pre in a glass of beer (what a waste a Pre and beer!) and it seemed to work for a while after being dropped, so I hope the Pre is pretty tight.

    Good luck!
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    thanks for the tips you two!! much appreciated
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    Just remember that while the rice trick may work, there's a good chance that somewhere down the road (months) your Pre may start giving you problems. You heard the saying "rust never sleeps?" Well, once corrosion starts, it only gets worse.

    You may be ok, you may not, just keep that in mind if you start seeing intermittent issues down the road.
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    You need to put your phone in a bag of Silica Gel. Silica Gel is the most absorbent material commercially available, it will dry out anything (these are the things you see in new packages). Just google Silica Gel Packets to find several suppliers.
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    I second and third the silica gel packs......I saved 2 treos buy taking the silica gell packs from hard drive packaging and put the tre and pack in a small zip lock snack bag.

    Leave it alone for 2-3 days takes a while to dry out the screen area ( in my case it did )

    both ran over a year in fact the 650 still works as a pda.
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    hmm interesting, let us know how it turns out.
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    was there anything in the toilet...? :x
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    My other half swam with a 755P (two years ago) and it took longer than 2 days, could see moisture. But I let it sit in a warm area in rice for 5 days (without battery) and it is still working today.
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    I once dropped a Sony Ericsson (I think a k750i) in the bath, all the way to the bottom. As it turned itself off, I just left it off and put it in the airing cupboard as is (no rice, silica or anything). The next day turned it on and the screen was all screwy."Ouch. Is it dead? Nah, I'll leave it a bit longer".
    Low and behold, by the next day, it turned on fine and works to this day!
    Quote Originally Posted by jason2851 View Post
    was there anything in the toilet...?
    Funnily enough, that's the first thing I thought...

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