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    I have seen scattered threads here on this topic. However most that I see have little info on specific patches, tweaks, themes, etc. And I believe for the most part some of us are okay with the tradeoff of adding a patch etc that could slow the phone...I for one am thankful and appreciate all the hard work from all that have created the tweaks that so many of us use. I am hoping with this thread we can all come together with our experiences with what patches etc slow or speed up phone. And I hope that one day we can have an "official" thread on this instead of an "almost official"
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    I guess I can start with one...I could be wrong here but I have found that themes that are highly animated with rich colors and multiple screens altered that are in the 2+MB range seem to slow down launch screen etc...I also read somebody mentioning that the clear/invisible launcher can slow down Pre as well as anything on the top bar that is altered. Although I have to say that the battery % patch didn't seem to slow down my phone.
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    lmfao @ this thread.
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    ^^lol^^...thanks for the input from above...that's very helpful to all that may want this info...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ferriskeanu View Post
    ^^lol^^...thanks for the input from above...that's very helpful to all that may want this info...
    Given his sig, guess he doesn't practice what he preaches

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    Is it my imagination or can the Unthrottle download patch speed-up bandwidth when using MyTether?

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