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    Are there the same memory leak issues with 1.3.5 that there was with 1.3.1? And if so can that patch be used with 1.3.5? I downloaded it via ipk and it does not show up on preware till it's on therefore I don't even know if it's compatible with 1.3.5. Have heard little discussion on it since 1.3.5 came to be. Thanks in advance for responses on this...
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    I am posting a reply to my thread hoping to find an answer...I have asked for a week now and searched to no avail...thank you...I guess what I should do is email the person that created the patch in advance for any replies...
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    It's worth considering that not many folks were hard at work updating their Homebrew Apps (or their Pre at all) over the 12 hours you waited between posts, so it makes sense that no one would have answered.

    Also consider that 1.3.5 is so new that it's possible no one has determined if any memory leaks exist. Further, there have been significant problems installing anything on the phone after 1.3.5 so, even if this same leak exists, I don't think anyone could confirm for you if the patch you mention works.

    Have some egg nog for a week or so, enjoy any remaining winter break that you may have, then come by and see if there has been a meaningful reply: folks might know something then.


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