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    so I am wondering is there a way to set the center silver button to wake the phone? For example, I don't want to have to press the power button everytime the phone goes to sleep to wake it up...any ideas
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    Nope, currently theres no way to program the center button.
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    Is newer news about?. Can the center button be programmed?. if not, why?
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    Just to say that after a near death experience my pre power button doesn't work right (which i think is quite common?) so this would be really helpful...
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    I'm really surprised that wake with center button is still not possible through Homebrew.. & now with the pre plus losing the center button, I doubt any interest in this will remain. This Is one area that I feel is such an annoyance with all these new smart phones. I mean common, what is it with companies putting power buttons on top! At least put it in the freakin side of the phone.. Is there some kind of patten that apple has that is stopping all these other companies from doing something similar to the iphone wake? I really hope the next webos device can include (if not by default) some kind of hardware key in front or side for homebrewers to enable for wake. It's really starting to bother me, & is something I am gonna watch for on my next phone purchase.
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    We cannot code for the center button and since Palm has stopped putting them on devices we never will be able to

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