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    My wife just got a solid phone as an insurance replacement...this is the second one. The first one had a serious gap with wobble. This one is good and all the hardware tests checkout BUT when trying to use the phone the freakin' speaker CRACKLES!! I've reset and updated...still crackles. The sprint and asurion guys don't know either. I've got a good piece of hardware and don't wanna swap it because I might get another dud.
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    I had this problem for a bit. Seemed to happen after I used the headphone jack and it did not go back to speaker later. Am NOT saying to do this but I just slaped the back of the phone (open) a few times on my hand and all it well not. Will NEVER use the jack again though.
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    My phone started doing this too. I have to bump it when it happens and that usually fixes it.

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