IF you are having trouble resetting your pre and are pulling your hair out, heres how to reset your pre. first download the webosdoctor onto your windows or linux machine. Test java to make sure its working. on your pre turn on dev mode either by the code upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart or if you have downloaded the home brew app dev mode button you can use that.

here's the trick. the normal way to do this is put the phone in dev mode and start webos doctor and connect the phone and begin the reset right? well not if you have os version 1.2.1. here's what you have to do. start webosdoctor and leave it open. connect the pre via usb to your machine. Now set the dev mode and reboot the phone still connected to your machine. When the phone reboots fully the computer will then recognized the pre as connected and so will webosdoctor. Start the reset as normal. hope this post helps someone...i searched for days.