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    Got hold of a UK Touchpad with SIM card slot (marked on the back as a prototype) - friend of mine had wiped data and now cant get it to start. All versions of standard webdoctor report it's the wrong version so here I am at meta-doc.

    Meta doc seems to run OK, have changed makefile to remove model check, but every time i run the modded webdoctor it continues to tell me i'm using the wrong version for the device. Using the ATT3.0.4 script.

    Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated.
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    after 3 nights run meta doctor, I can not find correct scripts and makefile options that let me sign profile. I have the worst Palm Pre model EU Generic UMTS, its a S/N P5GUExxxxxxx without webOSdoctor support, web page say me that my S/N it is no valid!! I Bought it in expansys store and I live in Spain.

    Then I have two questions:

    Does anybody knows which scripts and makefile options can work fine to sign in?

    if I can not access to app catalog, how can download applications like Mojowhatsap? Or new ones that I can't see in prepared.

    PD when I am in first use I can use wifi and CHANGE PASSWORD of my profile (confirmed because I receive and email) but not sign in
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    Is there a updated guide? Or has the process and links no changed in the past 3 years?
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    I keep getting this on Step 9:

    Please download the correct version of the webOS Doctor .jar file and then rename and move it to downloads/webosdoctorundefined-.jar (i.e. the downloads directory that was just created under the current directory). make: *** [downloads/webosdoctorundefined-.jar] Error 1

    What is causing that? If I do what it says won't that erase the Makefile I just modified? Thanks for your input!
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