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    It started today with my Pre sucking down the battery. The power button wasn't responding very well, then it wouldn't stay in sleep mode, the screen would go off and then immediately turn itself back on. Now I can't get the screen to stay on long enough to push the cancel button for the airplane mode that keeps trying to come on. I have taken out the battery and put in a different one and that didn't make any difference.
    I haven't dropped it or anything like that. Anyone have any ideas?

    Update... Looks like I am just going to have to take it in. Rrrrr. I was hoping to verify something, I don't have to remove preware before taking it to the sprint store?
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    just out of curiosity have you installed any patches recently? which ones?
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    nothing in over a month. The only ones I have are the one for battery percentage and date/time on display. Got them both through preware.

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