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    I need help with preware. I'm trying to locate EPR on the preware. The problem is that my preware does not show the
    -Linux application,
    -linux daemon,
    - optware, and plugin. If anyone can tell me how to get those items into my preware I would really appreciate it. I used EPR before but I don't know why this time those four items I listed do not show up on my preware list of available packages. I have updated the feeds and still, nothing.
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    Did you try;

    Preware > preferences > turn 'show other types' to YES > back swipe > Available Other > Linux App.. . etc.
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    if you click on list of everything and start typing the name of what your looking for it should pop up for you ok?!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Well I did the show available other to yes, and now I'm able to see linux app. But I don't see EPR I have also tried the "list of everything" and searched for emergency patch revovery, nothing shows up. guess i'll have to do it the old fashion way and delete 1 by 1 lol. But I'm really curious as to how I can get that EPR back *
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    and oh yea. Now I can see available other -- linux app - but no EPR.
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    I turned the app limit off in Preware and I can no longer install apps, even when I know for sure I am below Palms app limit. I uninstalled almost every app, and it still gives me the app storage is full message. I don't want to install 1.3.5 while the phone is acting funny like that. Will it make a difference???

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