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    after the 1.3.1 update my email application does not work correctly anymore.
    When Iīm tapping on Inbox or the Sent folder (others also) no further screen opens (the one where the emails are listed). The device just stays in the same screen and nothing else happens.

    I canīt read my emails now even though the system shows that Iīve received new mails.

    I had a tweak (homebrew) installed before the update and Iīm not sure if this caused the problem. The patch was the one that offered to delete all emails by one tap instead of deleting every single one.

    Anyhow, even after resetting the phone I cannot access the inbox etc.

    Has anyone yet run across the same problem and knows waht to do to solve it? I scanned the forum but couldnīt find anything yet.

    Thanks in advance, goofer63

    P.S. Iīve reset the phone and even applied a new profile for a real reset since I was afraid that the restore of my old profile will carry the problem to the new setup.. Well, it didnīt have anything to do with that.
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    Did you remove all themes and patches before you updated? If not run Emergency Patch Repair from Preware or wosQI to clear it out. Also, have you tried removing your email account from the phone, then adding it back and re-syncing it? If you did not remove patches and themes prior to installing the update you will need to web Doctor your phone. If you search the forums you will find info on the EPR, and the Doctor and how to obtain/use them.
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    Hi, thank you for your ideas.

    Unfortunately nothing helped. I called Palm support and they sent me a new version the WebOS doctor. Reinstallation then fixed the problem.

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