so I have been watching videos on my pre all day. I just got it 48hrs ago and have already skinned and tweeked it with the program for homebrew. Sorry I don't know to much about it. Anyways I added the "download youtube videos" tweek. I downloaded 1 video and a few hours later... My youtube won't work. Now my phone was glitching up and alot of buttons wouldn't work and it lagged up. So I restarted it. Everything works fine except for youtube.My battery is around 60%. Wheb I click on a video it loads the pre image... But there is no "video bar" and everytime it goes 3minutes trying to render, then it gives me an error. Any ideas? (ps: this once happened to me on my mac after I downloaded a youtube video. I couldn't use youtube for a day. Is this the same thing? Should I reset the device?)