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    I've purchased a 2nd battery for my Pre(1400mah).
    I was always turning off the device before i swapped batterries.

    This time i just swapped the batteries within a second orso interval and it remained on!!

    I guess if you swap the battery withing a few seconds the pre doesn't recognise that it has lost any power.

    I did however have to enter my phone pincode.

    Hope this helps
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    yep hence the swap batteries option
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    I'm pretty sure that's not what that option is for, otherwise it would say clearly on the screen 'you may now safely swap your battery'. I think it's just there to walk you through a proper shutdown before swapping batteries.
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    i meant just swapping the battery at the main webos screen.
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    That's pretty cool. When my second battery comes through I'll try it out. Thanks!

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