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    I'm sorry if this is an obvious questions, but I've been searching through these forums and PreWare and haven't found what I was looking for.

    When I'm playing Pandora, and using the volume buttons on the side, I often find that Volume 4 is too little and Volume 5 is too much. Is there a patch out there that lets you increase volume in smaller increments, like half increments (so I could have a Volume 4.5)? If so, where would I find it?

    Thank you very much for anyone who could help me with this.


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    I agree, the volume increments are pretty ridiculous. This would be fantastic, if it's actually possible.
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    Go go gadget programers... Or something like that.
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    This is the one thing that I've wanted on the Pre since I got it in July. With all the great developers on this site, I hope someone out there will develop something. Please and thank you?
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    I too would love this!
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    Add me to the list of people that would appreciate this patch.
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    Me, too. I was using Pandora the other day and even the lowest volume setting was too loud.
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    Ditto me too. A 5-7 range equilizer wouldn't be bad either.
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    Unfortunately, there's currently no support in Palm's API for equalization, or gapless playback...

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    I use Shure SCL4's with my Pre and 3 is even pushing too loud with these IEMS, I'd love this for a patch.

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