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    In the App Catalog, if you tap the icon/name/publisher at the top of the screen, it will drop down a bit and show you the version, date, and file size.

    Also, when an app is finished downloading, a notification pops up.
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    When replying to an email, the previous text is dark blue/navy/whatever, but your reply text is black now.

    (also, good god the calendar is snappy now!)
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    I found something new in the app catalog. If you select an app that has multiple screenshots, in the past you'd see them stacked like cards in the main page description area. Now you only see one card but if you wait five or six seconds, the card will dissolve to the next screenshot and continue dissolving between the different screenshots every 3 seconds or so. Nice subtle touch.
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    This feature was broken in 1.3.1. It's now working again...
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    Ive noticed that my camera pops up a lot faster than it use to. this is a plus havent noticed much since i downloaded it this morning.
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    I noticed my ringtone that was cut off before on 1.3.1 now works fine on 1.3.5.
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    I stream internet radio constantly so I noticed with 1.3.1 the connection would drop often, but 1.3.5 has restored order
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    I did. Turned my phone on a while ago and the wifi showed the connected icon and never showed the reconnecting animation. I wasn't sure whether or not it was a fluke.

    Discover's mobile site no longer locks up my phone, can't confirm whether that was a site update or browser fix. The browser does seem to be snappier when scrolling the page, and so far no having to click a link multiple times to activate it.

    I did a test of Sprint Nav, at least as much as I could do sitting still... Tapping through the directions it never stuttered - hopefully it will behave the same in normal use.
    I have not tested yet but I started a thread on the Palm forums about this last month and there was a post this morning from a Palm Moderator who said it was fixed in 1.3.5. I have been crossing my fingers and hoping they were right.

    Sprint Navigation Audio Issues with 1.3.1 - webOS Software - Palm Support Community

    Last post in the thread is the one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wbarter View Post
    Does anyone know if the new browser supports flash yet? Or I guess does Flash support WebOS yet?
    if you load a flash page, then go to the 'download flash here' page, it shows the following message:

    "Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is coming to Palm WebOS in the first half of 2010"
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    updated to the new web os 1.3.5 and amazingly enough my blue tooth works..


    i can see my contacts and all..
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    Wow! Lots of bug fixes. Here is another I don't believe has been mentioned yet:

    Alt/Number lock in the browser doesn't stick when you go to a new text field, (e.g. when entering a user id & you hit the orange button twice to add a string of numbers or symbols, when you tap on the password box, your text entry defaults back to letters).

    Before 1.3.5 you had to hit the orange button again, type a number, delete that number, then it would default back to letters.

    This has been a much better updating experience compared to 1.3.1! (O'& luv my Pre Browser again since taps no longer ignored)
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    I searched and didn't see this mentioned yet: I just got a picture MMS, and noticed that which you tap the picture the pop-up menu has a new animation (it flies in from the top of the screen)! The animation when clicking on a regular text message is still the same though.
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    You can now play messages from the google voice mobile site without using Gdial Pro
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    Noticed when you receive a picture message, tap to view, then tap the button to copy to Photos, it used to say "Copying to Photos" and then give you a completion notice and sit. Now, it copies to Photos and immediately backs out to the Messaging app again. Handy!
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    Previously when you had your cursor between two words and held down shift to delete the first word, it would delete both. That is now fixed.
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    Animated GIF's finally!!!!

    I can finally access good animated radar images from my favorite weather sites!!!
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    Is it just me or do incoming calls now have a black background instead of green?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ariker01 View Post
    Is it just me or do incoming calls now have a black background instead of green?
    Just noticed this myself. Confirmed
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    I've noticed that the Pre now actively turns off/mutes sound output when nothing is being played. Apart from battery life implications, this also means that I no longer sometimes get annoying noise/interference when I have the phone plugged into my computer speakers while simultaneously charging. The downside is that you can often hear the "pop" sound as the sound output is activated when, for example, a notification comes up.
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    I have noticed:
    • An overall performance enhancement (Card open faster, swipe fast, No Launcher hang-time)
    • I had more then 7 cards open and the "too many cards" screen didn't pop up (even popped up when i have NO cards open!)
    • My volume was lowered, and I had to turn it up after the update (notta biggie)
    • The sounds are MUCH louder
    • I don't have that annoying, "bluetooth headphones disconnect regularly during Pandora" thing.
    • They specifically singled out the messenger issue which made some text "disappear" from the conversation section.
    • The "glowing update progress ring with the spinning center" looked cool
    • Simply looking in the general direction of my Pre doesn't make the battery fall 15%

    I hope I notice more later!
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