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    Note: The webOS 1.3.5 upgrade takes a long time. Do not remove the battery. Do not try to turn the phone off. Remove all patches and themes before installing using the instructions below. If you use Preware, update the Package Manager Service to 0.9.29 ASAP.

    Note that webOS fixes a issue in which the Calendar app displayed no events for any account after a user synchronized Calendar with an Exchange account.

    Please post your feedback about the new webOS update into the appropriate forum:

    webOS 1.3.5 New Features & Changes

    webOS 1.3.5 Issues

    webOS 1.3.5 Discussion

    webOS Patch Discussion

    webOS Updates
    Before you update to a new webOS, first remove any theme and then any patches you might have installed. Homebrew Apps, including Preware, do not need to be removed before a webOS update. If you don't know what a patch is you probably have never made one.

    Remove All Patches and Themes At Once
    Using WebOS Quick Install:
    1. Remove themes. Click Tools → Themer → Revert to Default
    2. Remove all patches. Click Tools → Tweaks → Run EPR → Luna Restart

    Using Preware:
    1. Remove themes. Tap Installed Packages → Theme → Tap your theme → Remove → OK → OK
    2. Remove all patches. Tap List of Everything then type "emergency" and tap Emergency Patch Recovery → Install
    3. Restart your phone. Press these buttons at the same time: Orange-Sym-R

    Using webOS Repair Utility:
    1. Click Options → Compatibility Override On
    2. Click Scan/Repair

    This thread is for general discussion. Please post Issues or newly found features in the other threads.
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    Downloading now

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please follow @webosinternals on twitter for updates on how to fix Preware for 1.3.5!!!
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    We have a download prompt folks! Downloading now ... slow!
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    Downloading now!
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    looks like sprint was right (for once)
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    YEs!! Downloading!
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    woohoo! downloading now too!! it's real.

    interestingly, there is no information about how large this update is. anyone else see something different?
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    Running EPR tool
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    Screw all the people who said it wasn't coming out today.

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    updating also.
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    Indeed. There it is. Seems to be going extreamly show though. Servers must be overwhelmed.
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    o ya! downloading now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rem_kujawa View Post
    Running EPR tool
    where in preware can i find this tool?
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    Downloading Now!!!!! :-D
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    Please stop downloading so mine can finish.
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    No webOS Doctor yet, for anyone wondering.

    I wasn't planning on having the time to do the update over the holidays, but unexpectedly I have enough time to deal with that tonight anyway, so it's perfect timing for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman View Post
    Please stop downloading so mine can finish.
    Please cancel your download so mine can start!
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    Downloading in Las Vegas, 13meg file hope it go's well.........:-D
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    hasnt appeared on my GSM Pre (O2 UK)
    does it usually take a little longer and if so how much longer?
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