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    Wow, really small update. I guess this guy wasn't pulling our chain after all.
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    CPU scaling is br0ken.

    Doesnt want to stick on 600 anymore.
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    [QUOTE=Tikerz;2111144]Wow, really small update. I guess this guy wasn't pulling our chain.

    yeah i followed that guys posts and everyone was giving him such a hard time but i definitely think it was all legit, especially now
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    This is really a joke.... an update yes, may take some time, but why do we have to re-build the PRE every time???? all we wanted were some upgrades and a cool phone.. now we work for PALM... total waste of time gonna be busy at the Sprint stores come Jan,,,,,
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    No difference really in speed on mine. Got the preware issue resolved. Hoping that battery life a little better. well see. Oh well at least it didn't make things worse.
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    The only issue I seem to have is that the Pre won't automatically reconnect to my Wi-Fi network. I have to choose it and then it will connect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keegsta View Post
    Same thing happened to me, WebOS doctoring now...
    likewise. Doctored back to 1.3.1, and now restoring my Palm Profile...

    Will try to reup to 1.3.5 once the restore is complete.

    interestingly, the progress bar completed it's lap, then the phone rebooted, and went back to the updating spinner....and it sat there for ~15 minutes without any progress. Then I rebooted. Should've waited longer methinks, now that I've read through the forum posts.
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    I'm not getting a visual notification when receiving a txt with ringer off since th eupdate.
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    Having issues downloading apps via the app catalog. Anyone else getting this error? Yfrog - naf - Uploaded by en0x
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    im on vacation stuck in a 1x zone for about the next week is there anyway i can download this update?
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    Quote Originally Posted by buyrihn View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but now, if you get multiple text messages from the same person, the notification at the bottom of the screen now has their name, parentheses, and the number of messages from that person.
    Yeah I noticed that too, a nice change.
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    I am told that i have applications that have updates but when I click the button to show those apps, I am taken to the catalog and that's it. I'm not shown the apps with updates. That's the only issue I've noticed so far.
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    When I try to open an address in Sprint Navigation, I just get stalled on the splash screen. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Really palm? This is yet another worthless update. I have a stupid 911 button that I've accidently called 911 on several times, I can't see what time it is with a pin lock and the phone on the charger without unlocking the phone, I can't view my email in landscape mode, my LED doesn't flash when I have a new msg, etc etc etc.

    Yet in another worthless update you've found time for your programmers to redo the font of the time, (which I can't even see when the phone is pin locked on a charger) put a progress bar on the install logo, and move the 911 button but not give me the option to remove it. Brilliant...
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    Quote Originally Posted by unixpsycho View Post
    CPU scaling is br0ken.

    Doesnt want to stick on 600 anymore.
    same here, if i use terminal/ssh to set scaling_setfreq to 550000, it works - but if i put it in a /etc/event.d/ script it wont
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    So far I've noticed my phone is much warmer to the touch. Also I can select sprint nav as the default app for address, but it doesnt go past the initial start up screen if I click on one of my addresses from my address book. I'm using palm profile for my addresses. If I launch the nav program seperately, it works fine.
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    When trying to scroll down entries in my contacts app it doesn't scroll like it used to. Now it stops scrolling when my finger leaves the screen. Before it would keep scrolling for a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pre1 View Post
    yeah mine seems kind of laggy as well. the only thing i can say is that it seems consistently laggy. i think the speed enhancements made to the update are really just something that makes your phone do everything equally crappy so you wont ask yourself anymore "it just loaded that so quick why cant it do that all the time". see, this way they have improved the overall user experience by eliminating the disappointment of their OS.
    I have been a pretty big critic of Palm/webOS/Pre and there is a definite improvement in the overall UI lag. It is significant for me.
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    2.0, Flash support, GPU support, and open sdk with video api's.
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    Wow this thing is really fast. The net is also faster. I do not understand how they did it but it is a lot faster. I tested several times and pages just pop up as if I were on a cable line. Tested it against an Iphone 3gs for net surfing. The 3gs did not even come close with wifi or via the respective carriers net access. Before the 3gs was faster when it came down to carrier net access but not anymore. It is not even a challenge. What did they do. What was changed. I could never do this in the past but now I have done the test back to back on different web pages (image full and text full web pages. They both load a lot faster on the pre)

    There are other features not listed above that where added. Some net stuff and service phone stuff (nothing major). No flash yet. No video. But this things loads a lot faster. Net is a lot faster.

    My preware is messed up but I will not reinstall it since I like to put a brandnew/clean webos every time they come out with an update. Then I will reinstall preware and the patches I like. I would not advise others do it this way since it is very time consuming. I am ocd like that. I do not do upgrades. I am a full install person.

    This is looking very nice. The most notable thing is the speed.

    I can not wait until I get my hands on the jar file.

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