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    The web browser renders pages so much faster! And I can click links and they work

    I'm sure there's much more, but I'm already extatic.
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    Everytime there is an update i hear about speed increases everywhere. I wonder if its because people are just restarting the phones after weeks of not being turned off. I see no speed difference.
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    Anticipation Thread closed.

    Please post your feedback about the new webOS update into the appropriate forum:

    webOS 1.3.5 New Features & Changes

    webOS 1.3.5 Issues

    webOS 1.3.5 Discussion

    webOS Patch Discussion

    webOS Updates
    Before you update to a new webOS, first remove any theme and then any patches you might have installed. Homebrew Apps, including Preware, do not need to be removed before a webOS update. If you don't know what a patch is you probably have never made one.

    Remove All Patches and Themes At Once
    Using WebOS Quick Install:
    1. Remove themes. Click Tools → Themer → Revert to Default
    2. Remove all patches. Click Tools → Tweaks → Run EPR → Luna Restart

    Using Preware:
    1. Remove themes. Tap Installed Packages → Theme → Tap your theme → Remove → OK → OK
    2. Remove all patches. Tap List of Everything then type "emergency" and tap Emergency Patch Recovery → Install
    3. Restart your phone. Press these buttons at the same time: Orange-Sym-R

    Using webOS Repair Utility:
    1. Click Options → Compatibility Override On
    2. Click Scan/Repair

    Please post only specific issues you have had with the new webOS in this thread including details about when the problem occured, what you were doing, etc.
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