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    lol awesome! cant wait for my update!
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    Oh where art thou my sweet update?
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    we need an app that checks for the update every minute.
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    My guess is that Sprint jumped the gun a bit and the next update will be closer to 1/7/10.
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    Do I have to uninstall the "Linux Applications" under preware? What about "Service" ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dannydos View Post
    are you kidding me...have you used precorder yet...? i have it installed on my phone..and let me tell you..i never use the ****in thing....don't get me wrong its a great program..i just don't understand why people keep *****ing about the video record...i can list other things that are way more important....i had to vent lol
    I want it because I use Qik a lot on my Hero.. it would be nice to be able to do the same on the Pre. I'm not dying w/o it... nor is it that ever infamous term "a deal breaker" for me.. Just something I want to continue using on webOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by SqyArc View Post
    Those patches only enable you to edit existing options (number of pages and blink on/off) - removing them only removes your ability to change the values, it doesn't remove the functionality itself.

    I guess if you wanted to be on the safe side you should reinstall the patches, return the values to default (3 pages, blinker off) and then uninstall them again. Hope this helps.
    Best part is if dr it, the extra pages will again be added to your phone once your profile gets restored. Make sure you have a current backup though. If not stop then restart the service and run a manual back up.
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    Guys, a Sprint admin named Will England on the Buzz About Wireless site expects the update to come out today. He is checking on the delay. I would link if I could.
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    blah ill have to remove all of my preware patches and tweaks. i might wait to install. i wonder how good this update will really be?
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    Yep, Will stated; I thought it would be on the OTA servers this morning. I've been reaching out to folks who would know, but everyone is still on vacation! Soon as I hear I'll post / tweet (@wingland)
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    Its not going to happen people.
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    Anyone knows when this update will be avaliable in EU?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rem_kujawa View Post
    Its not going to happen people.

    Positivity is the key. .
    Itll hopefully be here by new years at the latest.

    Hopefully its here by midnight
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    Tonight @ midnight

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    The last update came early, so we need to cut them some slack!
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    Saint Louis Missouri, Monday December the twenty-eighth, 5:45pm CST.

    Your phone is up to date.
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    I remember 1.3.1 coming out between 4 and 5 out here on the Pacific Coast. Phone is up to date 3:48
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Saint Louis Missouri, Monday December the twenty-eighth, 5:45pm CST.

    Your phone is up to date.
    really? Mine too! Lol
    Palm prē-ist.
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    oh oh oh umm umm tis ......not here
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    Please Palm dont let us down!

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