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    ok, Ive figured the problem out, this script looks to write S80Lighttpd to /opt/ect/init.d/ however, this location doesnt exist, the init.d is held in /etc/init.d/

    So I went ahead, with my minimal linux knowledge, and changed the webDav to write S80lighttpd to /etc/init.d/ this worked up to the point of user name and password, and then I get this...
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    either no one knows or no one cares....
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    Quote Originally Posted by aric View Post

    I've been able to get this to partially work: am only able to transfer files from the Pre, not to it.

    I'm using OS X 10.6.2, and get an error code -36. I did a little research and it seems this is a new issue that appeared in 10.6.2!! I don't want to "roll back" to an earlier version, so for now file transfer is only a one way street! Unfortunately, the wrong way!
    I have been able to get this going up until the point I try to copy files. I can create a new text document and modify it, but it seems any batch write (like copying folders with files in them) or large files (a single mp3 or word document) it does not work.
    Using lighttpd logs, I think I have narrowed down the cause to this:
    #3177 (Returns error message when sending files to lighttpd webdav) – Cyberduck
    and this
    Lighttpd - Feature #1017: 'Expect' header gives HTTP error 417 - lighty labs
    with the ultimate conclusion that this problem is fixed in 1.5 version of lighttpd which is not yet released or far from reading substantially stable for our purposes.
    I am going to see if it is possible to NOT require a username/password as this may work around the issue in lighttpd.
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    Well...that didn't work. I think there are too many webdav bugs in lighttpd to make useful write options work :-(
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    Is there an update to this?
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