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    Hey guys, I'm having a problem if I try to connect my phone to USB or Media Sync, the screen will go to the symbols like normal, but then after about 10 seconds, my phone will shoot back to regular function.

    Can anyone help?
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    Hey guys,

    My phone wont stay in USB Mode or Media Sync, I select them as normal, and the normal screens show up, but then they shoot back to regular phone function after about ten seconds.

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    Do you have another computer you can try plugging in to?
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    Ill have to try it at school I suppose.
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    Mine does the same thing with media sync. Itunes opens, then the pre gets out of media sync mode
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    My pixi plus was having the same problem, it just wouldn't stay in media mode (OS is windows 7 home premium 64bit). It worked the first time, and then never again. I also was having trouble on my laptop, which has Windows Vista (bleh). After some troubleshooting, I figured out it was my computers having the problem, and not the pixi (it connected just fine on my work computer, which is also windows 7 home premium 64bit).

    Rebooting my computer fixed it, but only for a little while. I thought it might be a conflict between the pixi drivers and the drivers for my old phone, but then that wouldn't explain why it was having trouble on my laptop.

    So, I think I figured it out. When I plug in my pixi and choose media sync, and it does not stay in that mode -- I then go into safely remove hardware, remove the usb device (which is correctly named Pixi), and also remove a novacom device if it's listed there. I end both of these (occasionally I have to manually end the novacomd process in the task manager first), and then select media mode again, and then it stays in this mode. It's worked multiple times on my vista laptop, and just now on my windows 7 x64 desktop.. I hope that it continues to work, since there doesn't appear to be any way to get playlists on the pixi unless I'm connected in media sync mode.

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