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    I've attempted to search thoroughly but I'm not finding anything pertaining to precisely what I'm trying to do. On my Centro you are able to set hotkeys (or "Speed Dials" if you prefer) to send a message or email to a specified contact. I used this regularly on my Centro, setting up 'N' to send an email to myself, 'N' being short for "note".

    Is there a patch available to add this functionality, or maybe I'm just overlooking it?

    And/or and add launcher icons which achieve the same functionality, as per what is possible on the Android platform ("Menu->Add->Shortcut->Direct Message"). From there, if one could set a launcher entry to a hotkey, that would be a perfect solution and would provide far more functionality (wouldn't mind having 'T' for Terminal for instance).

    Any bread crumbs leading me in the right direction are appreciated. I may simply have to see about writing such a patch myself! I'm more than willing to pitch in on this one if it doesn't already exist.
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    there's not a way to do precisely what you're describing, but what I've set up to send email to myself is set the Nickname field on the contact for myself (with my home number, other cells, email addresses) to a hotkey sequence (mine is set to DS). This allows you to get to your contact (which is loaded with your email address) quickly, and by using the nickname field your Contact Name stays intact and professional looking (if you're obsessive like I am).

    Another example, I call my brother Justin, "Beavis." If you saw a picture of him, you'd know why. I don't want "BEAVIS" to show up in my contact list, but its easier to search for "Beavis" sometimes especially when I have about 20 "Justin" contacts. So, putting "Beavis" in the nickname field has allowed me to get to his contact super quick.

    Of course, all you have to do is just type in your "nickname" and the universal search should do the rest.

    I hope this helps.
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    That's exactly what I've ended up doing for the time being, I'm now "Me". I also found it useful to create a launcher icon for my contact entry and keep it on my first page, along with the "Reset to First Page" patch, that makes things pretty damn quick, too.

    But, still not precisely what I'm looking for, so I do intend to do some digging into making a custom speed dial editor. I'd imagine with the way webOS passes messages there's a way to edit the message that the speed dial is passing to launch other apps besides the dialer. Once I get some spare time, I'll look into it. Which is likely my way of saying, "never gonna happen"!

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