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    I miss my treo 650 calendar, does anyone know how or where I can get all the calendar colors to display different events?
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    I urge you to contact Palm and let them know you'd like this function restored. I also miss color coding. You can post feedback at - if enough of us tell them we want the color categorization back hopefully we'll get it!
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    Put everything into Google Calendar, and create a different sub-calendar for each category. Your phone will display each sub-calendar as a different color.....
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    Still is not in color for the "all calendars" view, is it?
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    Yes, but for mom's who manage everyone's schedule it means having (for me) FIVE different google calendars to keep up - and I prefer to have all of my appointments in one place so when making appointments I can see what's going on with other family members. The point of a smart phone is to make organization easier, not more complicated. Since Palm marketed this phone for mom's originally they should have considered this.
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    If your using the google calendar which works well with webOS you can actually SHARE AS MUCH CALENDAR YOU WANT.

    If you have five schedules then create 5 calendars on gmail and color code them so that you wont be confused.

    If you already have this 5 schedules on different google account then just share them into you moms account.

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