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    Hmm... I wonder how many people haven't tried Preware yet?

    Between my guide in the OP and ... I'm not sure there's too many.

    But I know you're out there!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stryker412 View Post
    I'm having an issue on Win 7. I get to step 5c however I am never prompted for the device. If I try to go into device management the Pre is not detected.
    I'm running win vista and had the same problem
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    Quote Originally Posted by zodiackid View Post
    I'm running win vista and had the same problem
    The exact step for 5c might have changed since newer versions of WOSQI have been released. Just look around in the drop-down menus for similar options and make sure they're set accordingly.

    After that, 5d is the hardest part for Windows users, because you need to restart.

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    I have now gone through every thread that addresses the fact that WebOSQuickInstall will not recognize my device on my Windows 7 PC.

    None of the instructions work. Let me repeat that for everyone - nothing works. None of the instructions resulted in the device being recognized by my machine.

    I have a degree in CS and spent over 10 years working in the software industry and after waiting anxiously for the Pre to come out I will be trading it in for another blackberry for one reason - everything works without a need to root the device and install a horrible number of disjointed software tools in hopes that something will work.

    Palm needs to get its head out of its *** - bye bye.
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