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    I am so sick of 1.3.1 I use my phone 98% for email, and since 1.3.1 email notifications simply don't come in a timely manner with an IMAP server, before it did basically IMAP push just like my old palmos Treos and Centro of old with ChatterEmail, now it it total suckage.

    I was hoping 1.3.5 would fix it doesn't look like it will.
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    I'm getting "too many cards" almost everyday - at the end of the day.

    I leave 3 cards open all the time, Messaging Calendar and Email, (I think Email is part of the problem), I use NewsRoom, (best app I've bought - BTW), Accuweather, GoogleMaps, SprintNav, off and on, during the day, but always close those apps when I'm done with them

    Almost every day, I'll get the "too many cards" when trying to open one of those other apps, or after a day or two. Closing Messaging, and/or the Calendar, doesn't help, but once I close Email, I can finally open the other app.

    Four apps should never prompt the "too many cards" problem - especially if Palm is promoting a multi-tasking smartphone.

    ...and I don't think I'm alone in wanting to leave these 3 apps, (messaging, calendar, and email), open as they are by far the most often used apps. Doing this, shouldn't be asking too much from the Pre's OS and hardware.

    I really hope this, and the app limit issue, is fixed with 1.3.5, ...and that it is released SOON!
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    Since this 1.3.1 update I've been having a few issues an think it's software related but wanted to check with you guys an see if anyone else is having them. The past few weeks I've been getting the "too many cards open" a lot more often which i see isn't only me. I've also been getting a 0% battery notification when my battery is clearly charged. I hit ok to get rid of the notification an everything's fine. That happens a couple times a week. Also my keyboard has been intermittently not working, I believe that is software related because once it sorta lagged an then spit out what i had typed but alot more often it jus hasn"t been working when i try. I've had patches installed, taken them off, restarted, hard reset, nothing really seems to change any of these items. Any help or feed back would be great.
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    Is anyone going to aggregate the 39 pages of problems into the first post of this thread? Otherwise (and I'm sure it's already happening) people will start posting the same problems several times over.
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    WebOS 1.3.1 was a big let down. It is laggy, there are a multitude of issues, and it didn't really bring changes to webOS that were needed. I have had a Pre since launch, got one for my dad on his line, and even switched my wife over to one. WebOS 1.2.1 really made the Pre shine, but whatever they did with 1.3.1 they need to undo, because now the Pre is just as crappy as its many build quality issues.

    For the record, I have had to replace my Pre 5 times for different hardware issues and I even recieved one from Sprint with a split screen. I am still sticking with my Pre, but since WebOS 1.3.1 launched I have been thinking of getting another smartphone. Hopefully Palm wises up and releases WebOS 1.3.5 sooner then later.
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    I am lucky, no problems with 1.3.1, I was able to EPR and remove theme before upgrade.
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    k so i was going through my phone , cleaning up unused items and i was deleteing old text messages . well they deleted off the main screan and wont come back when someone i had deleted texts me .. however if i open the messaging window and then type in the first few letters of that persons name the entire message log , which i thought i had deleted , returns ... any ideas on the matter
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    So, I've had numerous issues. For instance some download links just download a .jsp or .aspx file rather than a pdf. Also better text entry in websites would be helpful. It sometimes seems locked in symbol mode I can re type with shift to work around however. Slow contact retreval b in dialer bugs me too. Any work around for the .jsp business would be great.
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    I cant log into my yahoo messenger and theres something wrong with me preware
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    I hope this issue was addressed and I just missed it but has anyone found a fix for sms per contact? Ringtones are not playing fully? Since 1.3.1 the sms tones will cut out in the middle of the tone.
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