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    ok so I'm on my second pre already returned the first pos before 30 days was up. Now three days after the second phones thirty days expired the speaker sounds like crap kinda like a blown speaker. Any suggestions
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    if the volume is up all the way, try turning it down one knotch. the speaker may be underpowered by the amp at the highest volume and taking it down a bit might help.
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    tried that first but no luck I guess now I just have to live with it for 2 years. Man I should've bought an iphone lol
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    Are you sure you didnt have the speaker up all the way and some sound has blown it ....

    You tried a reset although not sure why that would help.. cant you return it for repairs within the 1st year?
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    return to who I bought it at bestbuy
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    well here in the UK you can return any goods within 12 months and they have to fix the issue ...
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    If it blown? suck on the speaker it will sound great but just in your mouth
    I thought it was the Touchstone but i have not used it since the 2nd speaker?
    I thought magnet to magnet pulling the speaker cone down was killing them
    No it's is just crappy speakers and they won't improve them
    Having fun
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    my speaker went out after 3 days..... keep in mind im on my 6th palm pre. talk about frustrating.
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    Im currently having the same problem with my 3rd pre. All have blown speakers My first lasted 2 weeks, second almost a month, and this one Im on now was mabey 2 weeks. I got the second new pre from sprint with no questions within the 30 days but I did not realize that the 30 day period did not restart. So basically when the second speaker crapped I was left to TEP and got a refurbished phone. This phone like i said has quit making any sound and all Sprint and Palm has said is this is not a known issue and I should get a refurbished replacement. I cannot believe I paid 500 a month and a half ago for a refurbished phone. I told Sprint they had to do better than that or I would consider leaving, I haven't heard back yet. I was wondering if anyone had advice or similar problems and how they handled it. I don't feel this is being caused by my use, I have gone so far as to only stream music over the headphone jack still the ringer and alarm killed the speaker and it wasn't maxed out. I guess I'm just frustrated and lookin for a shoulder to cry on lol. I love the phone hate the speaker.
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    Make sure that it's not the 1.3.1 sound issue. It truncates sounds (text alerts, nav voice, mp3's, etc).
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    Pre number 5 here. I am a machinist by trade and have issues with the speaker attracting shavings and dust. This has never been a issue in the 15 years I have carried a phone at the shop. Several of the guys have iphones- None of them have this issue. Palm doesn't seen to give a rats *** about this issue. Thank goodness I opted for the insurance....

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