Last post/update on this issue.
I called and talked to Sprint. They said, restart the phone. Didn't work.
They put me through to Palm.
Palm asked me to run WebOS Dr. I did.
Didn't work.

They told me create a new profile. I had already done that.
They had no idea how to fix the problem.

So, all I wanted was my contacts from the original profile. They gave me a hash code to get the .vcf file to export into GMail and then from GMail to the new profile I was able to get my contacts.

They didn't know why the launcher was screwed (again, NO Homebrew Apps at all, no tweaks, no anything).

It totally seems linked to the profile, just based on deductive reasoning... since the new profile is fine on both Pres.


Just going to suck it up and use the new profile, even if it is out of uniformity with my gmail account... at least I have my contacts and I guess no other reason to *****.